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Of Heavy Trucks Are Misaligned
Annual Gallons You Save With Alignment
How Much Misalignment is Costing You Yearly
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The average Owner Operator is losing more than $2557 annually in fuel cost alone due to misalignment. This loss doesn’t even factor in the cost of associated premature tire wear.

We utilize state-of-the-art Bee Line Axle and Frame Alignment equipment. While most systems only measure to one hundredths of an inch (0.01), our Bee Line equipment uses a laser system capable of measuring alignment variables to five thousandths of an inch (0.005).

This means you get the most accurate alignment which reduces your vehicle’s operating cost saving you thousands of dollars a year.

Full AxleCorrection

Improper camber is the third leading cause of steer tire wear.

Not correcting camber causes premature tire wear and costs you tons of money. With our two Bee Line Camber and Caster Correction machines we align tractors and trailers completely for optimal performance.



We have the ability to handle all sizes of trucks, buses, trailers and specialized equipment. Our Bee Line frame straightening equipment makes corrections without causing additional damage to your vehicle and without heat. Because of this your vehicle retains its original tensile strength.

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